Lifestyle Entrepreneur Journey

Ever wonder how people lead an unconventional life travelling all year round and make a good stream of passive income?

What exactly are they doing and how?

With technology, it has opened up to many opportunities that is beyond your imagination.

At Travelpreneur, we see business ideas from a different perspective to empower people towards lifestyle entrepreneurship.

With a revolutionary business concept and technology, you are able to build a stream of passive income leveraging on activities you are already doing.

We managed to achieve time and financial freedom in a short 2 years. Now we enjoyed the freedom of taking our kids on vacations every month, and looking back, it was worth it, because it is a fun ride.
Buffy C
Ex-Clinic Owner from Taiwan

Take action a business, build passive income stream, leverage on activities you are already doing.

Passive income

I have been able to experience more fun, freedom, and fulfillment in the past 2 years, than my entire life before this amazing opportunity.

Eric A, ex-College Basketball Coach from USA

It has been the most fulfilling and exciting 21 months of my life…In the last 21 months, I have been on 9 vacations, and Iā€™m now also making 5 digits per month!

James L, ex-Navy Officer from Singapore