Digital Pickpocket Victim – Will you fall into that?

Technology serves us good and bad.  And one of the bad is digital pickpocket, where your credit card information can easily be taken away without any physical contact.

How to avoid falling into digital pickpocket victim?

To avoid falling into digital pickpocket victim, you can replace your current card with RFID/NFC chip embedded to a normal credit card.  If your card is embedded with RFID/NFC chip, there will be a “wave” symbol on it.

Alternatively, you can also look for wallets that offers protection against RFID signals being picked up by a scanning device used by such pickpockets.

Next wave of technology, changing the way you live, work & play!

We have put in place a new technology that will prevent you from falling into digital pickpocket victim trap and it comes with a host of other benefits that is beyond your imagination.

pickpocket victim

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