Dine Your Way to Next Vacation

Dim sum at Wo Peng, Furama City Center

Wo Peng serves one of the best traditional Cantonese cuisine and by chance, we landed up eating here at the Furama City Center branch to have our Dim Sum.

This is the first time we are here and I decided to just check against our own travel and lifestyle APP to see if this is a participating merchant and BINGO! Β It is also one of the merchants listed on our app…woohoo!

We spent about SGD72 at Wo Peng for our meal and very thankful indeed to earn USD19 (approximately SGD26) as travel rebates for our year end trip. Β Awesome food and even more fantastic to get back 36% rebate for our meal!

Wo Peng

Of course there are many choices of Dim Sum, but having the benefit to get travel rebates back for own travel is indeed quite a bonus.

You can look at this way of dining as having 36% off Wo Peng dining bill and the rest is set aside for travel, OR you can look at it as dining as usual, but whatever you pay for your dinner, the merchant sets aside 36% of your spending for your travel fund.Β  You can then use this travel fund to book your next vacation.


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