Dine Your Way to Next Vacation

Happy Father’s Day!

Here’s wishing all Daddies a Happy Father’s Day!

We were looking for a dim sum restaurant since it is one of our favorite and found this place using our APP.

The dim sum to be less oily and the quality is great!

dim sum restaurant jalan besar
Spent about SGD35 at this dim sum restaurant and earned USD7 back as travel rebates, making it about 28%!

Next stop was to enjoy foot reflexology in another participating merchant with our travelpreneur APP.

Did a one-hour foot reflex and earned USD8, making it about 26% travel rebates earned!

We did nothing special, just another usual weekend day out but what is different is our choice of merchant that help us earn more funding towards our next trip.  Win-win situation!

From this platform, I have earn hundreds of travel dollars and I am not doing anything different.  I still need to eat, go hairdresser (yes! Even a haircut at our partner merchants) allows me to earn travel rebates up to almost 40%!  Read about my almost 100% rebate earned here.

Fill in your particulars and start earning yours too!

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