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How to retire in 10 years? This 23 year old did it in 4 years!

Retirement is something that ought to plan early.  If you are thinking about how to retire in 10 years?  How about doing it in 4?  Some 23-year-old did it!

Totally excited over this week's event as I finally get to meet him in person.  Even at such young age, when he shared his journey to a large crowd here in Singapore, his thinking and mindset is really beyond his real age.

My takeaway from today's entrepreneurship eventfrom him is on the characteristics of a successful leader:

  • coachable
  • desire in them to succeed in the things they set out to do
  • credibility
  • tough
  • when they decide to do it, they do it, no excuse
  • take action

how to retire in 10 years

Sashin, the 23 year old gentleman from South Africa started with a clear mission that he wanted to give a better life to his family.  His WHY is so deeply rooted and propelled him to be disciplined in building his business.

How to retire in 10 years while he did it in 4?

In just 4 short years, he finished his high school, took 1 year to build his business full time and by the time he turned 22, he was already in full retirement.

Even with the limited resources when he started at age 18, with no credibility, no contacts, he made it possible.  And all this is possible with the right mindset.

So if you are still pondering on how to retire in 10 years?  The key is really about getting started in doing the right things...right now.

Learn how Sashin did it in 4 years,

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