Getting Reward Points for dining

Eat, earn, travel, repeat...

Do you eat everyday?Β  I suppose so!

With just an APP, you can easily browse and search for the nearest participating merchant based on your location and start earning reward points for dining.

If the restaurant interests you, just check in to the restaurant, dine, earn and use the points to fund your travel!

It is not just dining alone.Β  The participating merchants are still expanding, to include entertainment, spa and gym as well!

Yes, literally...Eat -> Earn -> Travel -> Repeat

So are you ready to just do the things you would normally do and earn generous rebates to fund your travels?

You can read more about my dining experiences and earning of points here.Β 

Personally I have gained close to 40% of my usual spending converted to travel points for travels.

While it’s rare, I have earned almost 100% reward points for dining at one of our participating merchants!

earning reward points for dining

Each point is worth US$1.

Looking forward, besides earning reward points for dining, how about earning a percentage of marketing expenses merchants pay for their marketing services?Β  That's passive income!

I can't spill too much details here.Β  Fill in your particulars and get all the information you want to help you dine, earn, travel, repeat!

My mission is to empower you to tap into this industry, leverage on technology, and build a global online business together for YOU.

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