Success Leadership Retreat, Indonesia

The usual leadership retreat may just be a session of team bonding, discussion, games and a more relaxed and informal interaction session.

But an awesome retreat is where you experience breakthrough within yourself and it impacts your life tremendously.

I had the privilege of spending my weekend with another 160 over entrepreneurs from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia and Philippines, and we all have the same vision…

~ Paying It Forward ~

We are all bonded together with a common goal – we are in the business of Paying It Forward.

Together, we are engaged in a movement of setting more people free from the otherwise societal measurement of success – career, money and material achievements.

The vision we have for this world is clear and cohesive – empowering generations of people who desire to pursue a life of true happiness by sharing a proven system to help people find their freedom.

We have seen lives changed for the better, miracles happened and the personal growth within individuals.  Life is made for real living and not be trapped in dogma.

I am really thankful to be able to participate in this weekend’s event, it has allowed me to search deeper the purpose of my life journey.  I am glad that my purpose has not wavered despite the difficulty, it has in fact affirmed my desire to help even more people on a global basis to pursue a true life of happiness and freedom.

Are you ready to have a breakthrough in your life?

Like what Thucydides said, “The secret of Happiness is Freedom, and the secret of Freedom, Courage“…may you find the courage to look beyond your current situation and build your future towards true freedom, true happiness.

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