Stop getting too comfortable…Step out of your comfort zone

The very first thing I learned from other successful leaders when I decided to embark my lifestyle entrepreneurship journey was, “Step out of your comfort zone“.

And so, that is just what I told myself, take that small but difficult step…difficult but essential.

It’s not really that hard, it just means to be open for self development and personal growth.

Stop telling yourself, “I am like this, I can’t do that, it’s just not me.”  Instead, ask “What needs to be done to get there?”

When we are in our own comfort zone, that is where we stay put, trapped in an imaginary protective bubble and fear of doing something that we have never done, not comfortable in doing or even afraid to just try.

When that happens, it becomes very limiting, you can’t stretch your own potential or give yourself a chance to expand your knowledge and experience.  Or even have the guts to dream big!

Life is an experience, there should not be a limit to oneself to embark a new journey, learn a new skill or to pursue a dream.

When I started, I asked myself WHY…Why do I want to do this and do I really want to leave my comfort zone?

When you hold that WHY firmly in your heart and have that belief it is your destiny, you will eventually get there and all the HOW’s will just fade away.

The whole journey of getting there will be the most enjoyable.  Take a small step each time and be patient, you will achieve your dream.  You will only fail when YOU GIVE UP.

And here is a wonderful video of Michael Jr, Know Your Why, enjoy…

Are you trapped in your comfort zone?  Is there something you really want to do but afraid to do so?  If you feel some sense of conflict within yourself about how you want your life to me, you know you must truly make a change.

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