Traits of successful people

I have been observing the traits of successful people, be it business owners, high power corporate figures or entrepreneurs.

I noticed they kind of share very similar mindset, behavior and attitude.

This is what I have observed,

  • Never give up easily
  • All-in in the things they are working on, there is no back door or back up plan in case it doesn’t work
  • Never easily swayed by other opinions, especially every single thing can be googled nowadays
  • Consistently and concurrently work on self-development
  • Consistent in their efforts and have the drive to succeed
  • Always show up in important events that they know there is always something to learn
  • Leaders
  • Never wait for something to happen, they work on things to make it happen
  • Never easily distracted or lured by other opportunities
  • Stay on course till they reach their destination.  They FOCUS -> (F)ollow (O)ne’s (C)ourse (U)ntil (S)ucceed
  • Ownership mentality, moving forward no matter setbacks they have
  • Dare to step out of comfort zone and continue to grow and explore
  • Pay attention, get excited and never quit
  • Independent but still able to be resourceful and leverage and hunt for solutions
  • Take massive action

This is definitely not the complete list and I am sure there are more to it.

And to sum it up, they are Focus, Positive, Enthusiastic, they Believe they can make a difference and they make it happen!  Success lies within themselves, they managed to unlock that.


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