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Unique Pot at Outram, Singapore

As the name Unique Pot suggests, this zhi-char stall serve pretty unique dishes with well prepared and fresh ingredients.

One of the most popular dishes is the Yuan Yang Hor-Fun that is very different from what other zhi-char serves.  The garnishes you see is actually deep fried hor-fun (flat noodles) which is light and crispy in texture.

Unique Pot, Outram

This special hor-fun is a mixed of deep fried and stir fried flat noodles, served with large fresh prawns, fish slices and greens.  Served with a tasty thick sauce that exudes a very appetizing “wok-hei”.

Unique Pot serves amazing prawn roll as well prawn paste mid wings.  And if you in the mood for crabs, you have to call them before hand to order in advance as they will only order from their crab suppliers when there is an order.  That way, you can be sure that the ingredients are really fresh!

We ordered 5 dishes from the stall and that costs us about S$53 (approximately US$38) and we received US$11 as travel rebates ready to be used for our next vacation and that’s about 29% rebate in total!

Earning travel rebates is available for you, just fill in your particulars and see how it’s done!

Unique Pot is located at,

313 Outram Rd

Open daily from 10.30am to 10.30pm


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