Dine Your Way to Next Vacation

Yaowarat Seafood Restaurant, Singapore

I read so much about Yaowarat Thai Restaurant and decided to find out more about Yaowarat Seafood Serangoon menu before heading down as I didn’t want to be disappointed with the selection.  Know for it’s fresh steam seafood flower crab with prawns and clams, we didn’t get to try this time as it may be too much for us.

Ordered the basic Thai cuisine and the quality and freshness is really value for money.

On top of that, we were given generous rebate of 27% (equivalent to about US$9) accumulated for our travel funds.

What’s more, we were also given complimentary coconut ice cream dessert!  Wonderful!

Yaowarat Seafood Serangoon Menu

We have been very fortunate to fund out travel this way just by doing the things we normally do – eat.  We are looking forward to earning passive income with the profit sharing system by eating at participating merchants.

You may view Yaowarat Seafood Serangoon Menu at their main website.

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