Dine Your Way to Next Vacation

Yaowarat Seafood Restaurant, Singapore

I read so much about Yaowarat Thai Restaurant and decided to find out more about Yaowarat Seafood Serangoon menu before heading down as I didn't want to be disappointed with the selection.  Know for it's fresh steam seafood flower crab with prawns and clams, we didn't get to try this time as it may be… Continue reading Yaowarat Seafood Restaurant, Singapore

Dine Your Way to Next Vacation

CIEL Patisserie, Hougang, Singapore

If you are a chocolate tart lover, head over to CIEL Patisserie and try their wonderful selections of Chocolate Almond Tart and Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart. This little neighbourhood cafe serves a great selection of tarts and cakes.  You will also find a good selection of beverage to go with your dessert.  Quiet and relaxing… Continue reading CIEL Patisserie, Hougang, Singapore


Acceleration Asia, Singapore Expo, Mar 18-19

It has been another amazing event over the weekend, spending it with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are eager to help others achieve a life of true freedom. While these two days have been really intensive, it was indeed engaging. Sometimes, when you look at life, you wonder where you are heading, what's your… Continue reading Acceleration Asia, Singapore Expo, Mar 18-19

Dine Your Way to Next Vacation

Unique Pot at Outram, Singapore

As the name Unique Pot suggests, this zhi-char stall serve pretty unique dishes with well prepared and fresh ingredients. One of the most popular dishes is the Yuan Yang Hor-Fun that is very different from what other zhi-char serves.  The garnishes you see is actually deep fried hor-fun (flat noodles) which is light and crispy… Continue reading Unique Pot at Outram, Singapore