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Are you sacrificing the ones you are working hard for?

One of the many women entrepreneurs I have met who is truly down to earth, passionate about helping others and so resourceful.

She and her husband used to own an acupuncture clinic in Seattle.  Besides the usual hours of seeing patients during the weekdays, they conducted health related classes during weekends to provide more service to their patients.

She said this…“Aren’t we sacrificing the ones we are really working hard for?”

Meet Buffy, from Taiwan.  She sold off her clinic and home in Seattle, relocated back to Taiwan and worked on her new business applying the concept she learn, was able to fully retire in 2 over years.

women entrepreneurs

During her days of running her clinic in Seattle, totally time broke and even had to “pack her young kids” and have them play in the clinic.  The business owned them instead.

I had the privilege to meet and hear her story, one of the many women entrepreneurs whom I really respect for her commitment and dedication.

Buffy shared this…No resources?  Make resources, take full responsibility of your own business.

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