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Best business opportunity for stay at home moms

Being a stay at home mom is already a full time job, having to juggle many things at one go, especially if you have young ones to care for.

And the best business opportunities for stay at home moms must indeed offer the flexibility to allow moms to continue caring for their family.

Sometimes, it is not really ideas that is key in making your venture successful.  This book “Platform Revolution“, outlines the model that is revolutionizing our economy today.

I have put together a mini guide in helping you find the best model to work on to have a winning edge.

This weekend, I met this amazing successful entrepreneur from Hong Kong.

Millie, a mother of two young girls, located to Singapore from United States with her husband as he had a new assignment in Singapore in 2011.

By chance, she came across an amazing concept built upon the right business model while on a journey to search for the best business opportunities for stay at home moms. 

In 26 months, she built her global business while still being able to care for her family due to the technology she leveraged on.

Today, Millie is an entrepreneur, mentor, international trainer and speaker.  She is also a bestselling author who is committed in helping people envision, redesign a life they truly desire. 

It is indeed an honor to be surrounded and working with people who are passionate about helping others achieve success.

A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open.

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