Carnival Cruise to Alaska – 2018 Sailing Dates for 8D7N Depart from Seattle

8D7N Carnival Cruise to Alaska departing from Seattle for 2018 & 2019 sailing is available online right now!

Looking at the first sail date on May 29, 2018, the itinerary will depart from Seattle, spend a day at sea and cruise along the Tracy Arm Fjord.

Carnival Cruise to Alaska

Arriving at Skagway on Day 4, you get to spend a whole day of sightseeing of the destination before the cruise departs at 9pm.

While the cruise liner have day tours available at additional costs, you may want to get some idea of what to do at Skagway and do some planning.

You may do a quick search below for some ideas of what to do at Skagway,


On Day 5, it will arrive at Juneau, the capital of Alaska, where you will get to spend almost a whole day till 3pm, where the cruise will set sail towards Ketchikan on Day 6, where you will spend half day exploring.

On Day 7, Carnival legend will reach Victoria, British Columbia in the evening at 7.30pm.  The sunset during late May is round about 9pm, so, that still gives a little daylight to explore the place before returning back to the cruise by midnight.

That is the last stop for this cruise before it reaches back to Seattle the next morning at 7am.

I have done some homework for you, searching for the rates for this cruise.  And this is what I have found over at retail as well as directly from Carnival Cruise website.

If you are looking to stretch your vacation spending, just fill in your email and I will show you how to get a great deal!

I did a search over retail online and did direct search at Carnival Cruise official website and searched for the exact same cruise to Alaska.

Both online bookings are based on 2 adults, Balcony Room, same deck on Deck 6 and the rooms are of the same category 8C.

Total including Taxes, Fees and Port expenses is US$3,570.30.  Prices look pretty standard across different sources.

What if there is a bulk discount price for this Cruise to Alaska?

Let’s take a look at same category 8C for Balcony Stateroom for 2 adults.

The cruise rate is already lower than what you see above at retail price.

Including the taxes, the total for 2 adults is US$3210.30, an amazing savings of US$360!

That is not all!  Those who prefer to book their holidays through bulk purchase have travel points to be used against travel bookings.

For this Carnival Cruise to Alaska, you can use up to 210 travel points (equivalent to US$210) against the booking!

What’s the price for bulk puchase?

So, what exactly is the final payment for this trip?  US$3000.30!  And even greater cash savings of US$570!!!

That’s not all…read on, my friend…

When you are on a Platinum status, you will also be given extra inclusions.

For this particular trip, Platinum travellers can get up to US$120 per room on board credit.

Isn’t that amazing?

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Note: It is usually best to book your day trip early part of the cruise for the various port of call destination as there may be additional discounts available for early bird bookings!

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