Why Travel and Why Us?

Now that you know more about the travel concept and know how our community of travellers are able to Travel, Save & Earn!

Let’s take a look at this video featuring an independent interview by CNN with Peter Kerkar, MD of the Cox & Kings Group.

Isn’t this interesting how Mr Peter Kerkar mentioned about how a company with the right  APP will be the winner that takes it all?

Our APP not only covers Dreamtrips, which are specially curated packages, you will be able to book air tickets, car rentals and even additional hotel stays, all on our smart phone.

In the nutshell:

  • Huge market to tap into to build your business
  • No competition as we are the only one offering this way of travel, providing value to our travelpreneurs and helping them build a business for themselves.
  • Advanced technology that does not just cover the travel and lifestyle industry.  We are making waves in the payment market.  So if you are one who uses credit card, stick around and hear more about it.

Ready to get started, just click on the button below and register through this link that comes with a 14-day Refund Policy.

Remember, membership fees you pay goes back to YOU as travel points.  You have absolutely nothing to lose.  It is for your travels anyway…

We ran a successful Acupuncture clinic in United States for 9 years...moved to Asia after we saw this amazing platform. Now we enjoyed the freedom of taking our kids on vacations every month...
Buffy C
ex-Clinic Owner from Taiwan

Would love to hear from you about your thoughts and feedback so that I can help you as much as possible to have a better understanding of how you can tap into this huge industry and be part of a company that has no competition and build a global online business for yourself.

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With our company’s track record of more than a decade, we are already ahead of many companies who are still striving to participate in this huge travel industry with an APP.

While others are striving to participate with the latest APP for travel booking, none will give you an opportunity to build it as a business.

We have been very clear about our mission, to disrupt and take over the industry.  Not to compete with others, but to dominate.


Timing is always KEY in deciding your future.