Is Dreamtrips a Scam – What kind of value does it provide?

You are researching on “Is Dreamtrips a scam, probably after seeing a presentation and wondering if it’s the real deal as it seems too good to be true?

Do I trust 100% of web review?  I’d rather have facts than follow unqualified review.

I am not convincing you to join the travel club nor am I giving you a conclusion whether it is a scam.  I am putting my own experience to let you have an informed decision.

Anyone can now be a “publisher” and make their statement available to the whole world through forums, personal blog, etc.  So, as readers, it is best to take the information objectively and decide for yourself.

Proper review requires real actual trying out

Most Dreamtrips reviewers have not even tried the product, it is only based on subjective opinion of what they see…without trying.  It is like giving a review on some pimple cream without having to try it and giving their review based on what they read on the label.

Some may have joined but never really utilize any of the benefits it offers.  And so, the conclusion to them was…it’s not worth it.

So, I decided to sign up, use it and give you facts and findings.

Dreamtrips is just like any other gym or country club membership, it is nothing more than a club that offers members benefits and exclusivity related to travel and lifestyle.  And if you do sign up with a club, please…do yourself a favor and utilize the benefits.

Here are the Dreamtrips I have taken and documented.

There are a few other trips that I didn’t get to screen shot hotel bookings at retail, so I’d rather not comment on the pricing but provide you a link to the trip itself to have an idea of the trip inclusions.

Usually I would do a cost comparison before booking the Dreamtrip to see if it’s a good deal.  I will take hotel bookings at retail as this constitute the largest part of the travel expenditure, especially Dreamtrips provide mostly 4 or 5 stars hotels.

Dreamtrips TakenDreamtrips Average Cost Per Pax based on 2 adults and 1 childRetail Average Cost Per PaxCost based on the following inclusions in the tripOther inclusions by Dreamtrips
TOTAL (only those with screen shots comparison)USD1992 per personUSD2641 per personAverage based our family of 3 person.
Dubai 4D3NUSD519 per personUSD668 per person5-star stay at Atlantis The Palm, complimentary buffet at hotel restaurant, Dune bashing desert safari.2 way private airport transfer, Dubai Souvenir, Daily hotel breakfast, complimentary water themepark and aquarium access. Almost 22% off retail. Private hotel check-in.
Cairns 4D3NUSD189 per personUSD325 per person4-star stay at Cairns Pacific International, Day trip to Great Barrier Reef by Ocean Spirit2 way airport transfers, Hotel daily breakfasts, Moet champagne and souvenirs. Literally paid $1 extra to include Great Barrier Reef Day trip for family of 3. Private hotel check-in.
Lanzarote 8D7NUSD389 per personUSD606 per person4-star stay at Seaside Jameos Los Playa Resort, Sunday Market at Teguise Village with La Geria wine and cheese tasting, Fire Mountains tour and visit to Timanfaya National Park, El Golfo and Los Hervideros, Rancho Texas Dinner, Half day Kayak at Papagayo Beach.Souvenirs. Private hotel check-in.
Hanoi 6D5N
USD541 per personUSD640 per person5-star stay at Sofitel Legend Metropole with daily breakfast2 way airport transfers, 1 full day city tour, overnight stay at Halong Bay with tour of caves, souvenirs unique to Hanoi. Upgraded to a better itinerary with no extra cost to include Ionah show. Private hotel check-in.
Boracay 5D4NUSD292 per personDidn't take screen shot of online retail price when comparing price4-star stay at Henan Lagoon Resort2 way airport transfers, 3000 peso (approximately USD60) worth of sea sports credit vouchers, daily dinners with performances and fireworks, 1 lunch, souvenirs, private early check-in.
Phuket 5D4NUSD242 per personDidn't take screen shot of online retail price when comparing price4-star stay at Swissotel Resort2 way airport transfers, 2 full day island hopping tours, souvenirs, hotel credits approximately US$85, 2 water proof bags, bottle of wine and water sports vouchers worth US$60, private hotel check-in.
Bangkok & Hua Hin 7D6N (Details will be up soon)USD354 per personUSD402 per person5-star stay at Sheraton Hotel at Bangkok and Veranda Resort by Sofitel at Hua Hin2 way airport transfers, Bangkok main tour of Grand Palace, and temples, Tour of Hua Hin Railway Station and vintage village, 6 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners. Private Hotel Check-in and transfers between Bangkok and Hua Hin.

All trips can be found here.

Besides the savings from Dreamtrips, members are price protected for hotel and airtickets and this is a summary of all the price protection rebates I have received which I have also used it for Dreamtrips bookings.

Hotel/Airfare/TripPrice Difference150% Refund as Credits for booking
Phuket AirfareUS$22.56US$33.83
Hong Kong AirfareUS$16.94US$25.46
Hanoi AirfareUS$85.52US$128.27
Boracay AirfareUS$22.88US$34.31
Lanzarote AirfareUS$62.19US$93.29
Barcelona HotelUS$61.71US$92.55
Madrid HotelUS$38.36US$57.53

How does it work? Is Dreamtrips a Scam?

When you find a cheaper rate elsewhere, naturally, you would book the cheaper rate.  But as members, book through Dreamtrips booking engine and receive 150% of the price difference.  This will allow extra funding for the following trip.

All these can be easily done by submitting a price difference report online.  Here’s an example of my submission for Hanoi airtickets, which I received USD128 for price difference of USD85.

May not be a huge sum for one trip, but in the long run, it does add up!  And the membership will offer more and more benefits the longer you travel with them because of all these additional savings.

Is dreamtrips a scam?

These rebates can be used towards booking of airfare as well.

Is Dreamtrips a scam & is it for everyone?

Scam? No.  Is it for everyone?  Also no.  Everyone has a different travel style.

Dreamtrips include all the key land tours that are unique to the destination.  These are activities you will probably do if you travel by yourself.  And to make the best out of the Dreamtrips membership, use the product as it helps you save money as prices are negotiated on a bulk.

Are all Dreamtrips always cheaper than retail?  Well, of course not, but why worry?  Dreamtrips offer Dream Price Promise which means if you find the exact same trip of lower value, they will refund you in full for the price you paid and still send you for the trip.


Understanding true pyramid and legitimate MLM program

Many reviews jump into the conclusion this is nothing more than just another pyramid scheme.  It takes a lot more than just looking at the shape of the “organization” to conclude it’s a pyramid program.

This is an interesting video that explains in details.  An independent expert MLM attorney, Kevin Grimes, explains in details.

To learn about the whole concept of how Dreamtrips program works, how you can potentially build a second and third stream of passive income with just one company, just fill in your particulars below and get immediate access to the information.

I look forward to partnering with you to help you build your very own global online business.

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One thing I noticed about Dreamtrips is the selection of great value cruises.  Check out this Alaska Cruise from Seattle by Carnival Cruise.

My mission is to empower you to tap into this industry, leverage on technology, travel more for less and build a global online business together for YOU.

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