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Great Business Ideas That Have Never Been Done Before

When you think about great business ideas in the past, it may not be so right now.

Why look at history, when you want to stand out, explore great business ideas that have never been done!

Technology has shaped the way people do business and totally change the whole dynamics of running it too.

So, what is this platform revolution?  This book clearly defines the business model behind it.  It talks about the power of the platform and even the key principles for designing a successful platform.

While this business model has the great potential of disruption and causing a mighty takeover, it comes with abuse as it grows bigger.  And in this book, the author covers how to handle such risk and how regulation plays a part.

Great Business Ideas that have never been done

This is indeed a very interesting book on how we look at great business ideas very differently now.

What I really see is that ecosystem they have built encourages customers to continue doing business within the ecosystem, promoting a sense of loyalty and community.

And that is the winning factor of retaining current business and continued growth.

The key to find great business ideas that have never been done before is really to bring about value to customers.  No matter what kind of model you are in, for all businesses to be successful in the long run, any business owner will have to think how to bring about value to the people they are serving.

So, check out the book and be ahead of the next revolution.

Some companies highlighted in the book shows some great business ideas that have never been done and how they impact the world,

  • AirBnB
  • Uber
  • Amazon
  • Paypal

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