Dine Your Way to Next Vacation

KL Delight Seafood Restaurant in Singapore

Eating is almost everyone’s way of life.  But to be able to earn points to fund our travel is indeed an incredible experience.

Just by using our APP, I found a seafood restaurant located in Geylang, an area in Singapore known to have many different types of culinary.  So, we decided to give it a try!

A very traditional seafood restaurant that serves crab, prepared in various ways – Chilli, Pepper, Steamed, Salted Egg.  We tried some very interesting dishes like bull frog stir fried with ginger, spring onions and onions.  Pretty delicious…just like chicken but the meat is more delicate.

And with this dining experience, what makes it even better is the ability to earn up to 28% rebate points (US$40)!

Want to know more about how to earn such travel rewards?  Contact me and I will share with you how you can Dine Your Way to Your Next Vacation!  With an APP, you can easily earn travel rebates in more than 28 countries….and more coming up soon!

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