Dine Your Way to Next Vacation

Lang Nuang Vietnam at 18 Foch Road

After seeing a flood of food photos from our community of Travelpreneurs featuring food from Lang Nuang Vietnamese BBQ street style food, I decided to go for their Pho during lunch to try.

As I just returned from Vietnam a couple months back, I can still remember how the local Pho taste like. Much to my surprise, the beef Pho is really authentic!

vietnamese bbq

As you can see, I had the Pho and the traditional Vietnamese iced coffee and with a spending of SGD14.80, I actually earned USD3 (making it almost 28% travel rebates) to help fund for my year end trip.

From this platform, I have earn hundreds of travel dollars and I am not doing anything different.  I still need to eat, go hairdresser (yes! Even a haircut at our partner merchants) allows me to earn travel rebates up to almost 40%!  Of course, highest I have earned is almost 100% and you can read more about it here.

After trying the Pho, concluded this place is pretty authentic and I shall be back for the Vietnamese BBQ with my family soon!


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