Lifestyle Entrepreneurship

What is lifestyle entrepreneurship?

And how can YOU be one?

Hi everyone! I’m Renee and welcome to my lifestyle entrepreneurship website.

A wife, mother, taking on the role of a stay home mom, I am also a stock investor and niche websites owner.

Inspired by the dream of leading a life of time and financial freedom, I left my demanding corporate career of more than a decade in the field of Finance, Treasury and IT Consulting and took a road less travelled in 2006.

I was in pursuit of freedom and I spend the next few years after my corporate life building niche websites and stock investment, that generated passive income till today which allowed me to redeem back my time. That was the beginning of my lifestyle entrepreneurship journey.

what is lifestyle entrepreneurship

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Thankful for that leap of faith, I came to realise being a lifestyle entrepreneur and putting the 9 to 5 behind is indeed possible!

So, what is lifestyle entrepreneurship?Β  It is nothing more than building a business around the lifestyle you truly desire.Β  Don’t get it wrong, not the other way round.Β  Life comes first.

My mission is to empower you to tap onto a huge industry, leverage on technology, and build a global online business together for YOU.

People are often searching for alternate ways to earn a living, to gain back their time.Β  It is usually an uphill task not knowing what to do or where to start.

Throughout my lifestyle entrepreneurship journey, I learned that looking at things with a different perspective opens up new opportunities that can really be life-changing. And with technology, this has made it much more easier and higher chance of success.

With that discovery, my new journey of empowering people to be a lifestyle entrepreneur in their own right began.

Being financially free is not just about having the money, it’s about having that freedom to lead a more fulfilling life, ability to do more meaningful things and giving back to society.

It is about having choices – the ability to live the life you truly want.

Sometimes, people get trapped in a situation thinking there is no way out.

Everyone has a Choice to take a Chance and make a Change...

what is lifestyle entrepreneurship

And I am here to share with YOU…there is always a way out, only if you are willing to take the first step to explore.

Just imagine…today when you decide to do something different, it may lead to a different life ahead.Β  It is always that one decision in life that your future is shaped.

Renee is a rock solid dependable person and a woman of integrity. She loves people and has a heart of compassion. She always thinks of other people's interest before herself. She's courageous and will do the right thing despite the odds. You can always count on her wise counsel and friendship. I'm proud to be her friend.
David C
Ecommerce Entrepreneur

You don’t have to STOP what you are doing, all you need is to take the first step and explore this mini guide in searching for the best business ideas I’ve put together and see for YOURSELF how you can do something different to shape your future.

what is lifestyle entrepreneurship

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