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Lifestyle entrepreneur is nothing more than integrating the entrepreneur journey into the kind of life you truly desire.  Don’t get it wrong, not the other way round.  Life comes first!

So, being a Travelpreneur is about integrating entrepreneurship into a travel lifestyle.  If you are not into travel, the key is really about attaining time freedom.

To be really able to do that, the choice of work has to be location independent.  And with technology, it just makes it all possible when you know how to leverage on it.

In order to sustain the kind of lifestyle you are after, the market that you are targeting has got to be huge enough for you to easily tap into wherever you go.

To be incredibly successful in your journey towards a lifestyle entrepreneur, the business has to be scalable to a point where it can be run with or without your active participation.

This is the point where it opens the door to real time and financial freedom. is here to empower individuals that can broadly categorized to two groups of people:

  • People looking to build an online business but not sure where or how to start.
  • Experienced online marketers looking to scale up their existing business portfolio for a long term sustainable business.

Our core mission is to empower people to own a sustainable online business and work towards a life of true financial and time freedom.

Some questions you may have…

#1 Lifestyle Entrepreneur – Is that even possible?

…with technology, smart phone and an APP, operating a business anywhere in the world is possible…

Gone are the days of brick and mortar business!

The world is different now.  With technology, smart phone and an APP, operating a business anywhere in the world is definitely workable, affordable and achievable.

The only question is whether you want to take action and build your own global online business using technology.

We know what we are, but know not what we may be

William Shakespear

#2 Is this a Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme?

…NOT a get-rich-quick-scheme. There is only one way to fail in building your travelpreneur lifestyle – Give Up.

If you are looking for a quick-rich program, this is not such program.

As in all business, this requires effort and commitment.  However, we have simplified things and with technology, it makes running a business much more efficient.

...most fulfilling and exciting 21 months of my life...9 vacations and making 5 digits per month!
James L
ex-Navy from Singapore

#3 Do I need to travel full time, drop everything I am doing or quit my current job to do this?

…NO…you don’t have to…it is not part of the business to travel…

It is not a requirement to drop everything you are doing and travel to run this business.

Our lifestyle entrepreneurship integrates into your current lifestyle and builds a global business with the use of technology.

#4 What does it take to be a lifestyle entrepreneur?

…your own desire to make a difference in your life looking forward, this is about YOU, and I am here to help…

Do you WANT TO

    • do something for yourself that is able to bring about a change in your life?
    • own and run a business from home or wherever you go
    • learn and empower yourself with new skills
    • own back your time and spend it with people whom you care about most
    • transit from your 9 to 5 and eventually run your own business
    • create an additional stream of income

Really, it is about YOU and no one else.

If any of the above checklist is a “YES”, take the first step, fill in your particulars and get immediate access to the information and start your journey to becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur.

There are no guarantees regarding income. The success or failure of each individual, like any other business, depends on own skill, dedication, personal effort, leadership qualities and market availability.

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About Renee

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