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Real Leaders Don’t Do Powerpoint | How to present your ideas effectively

Have you been to a presentation, come out of it and say…wow…what great presentation slides?  No, never!

But have you ever walked out from one and say, “Wow, what a great speaker, very engaging!”  And, what makes them really stand out and impact you as an audience?

It is really the skills on knowing how to present your ideas and engage the audience.

You will have to get your hands onto this book, as it shares with you an the real skills on how to engage your audience.


This is an great book I picked up at the airport some time back when I was on my way to Cairns.

It is a wonderful read for people who are often engage in public speaking or presentation, and this gives a different perspective on how to present your ideas across without over relying on powerpoint.

It gives a wonderful insight how to get your audience engaged and the same applies if you are having a small group discussion.

Real leaders don’t follow the crowd.  Time to stand out in the crowd and learn the skills on how to present your ideas effectively to your audience.

how to present your ideas

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